Most commonly functions used in WordPress.

  • wp_nav_menu() :- Displays a navigation menu.
  • is_front_page() :- Check is front page or not.
  • is_404() :- Check is 404 page or not.
  • is_home() :- Check is blog page or not.
  • is_page() :- to check if this is page OR NOT, will return boolean value.
  • get_the_excerpt() :- Copy the excerpt of the post into a specified variable.
  • in_category() :- Check if the specified post is assigned to any of the specified categories OR not.
  • the_title() :- Displays the title of the post in the website.
  • get_the_title() :- Displays the title of the post in website take different parameter.
  • the_content():- Displays the contents of the post in the website.
  • the_post_thumbnail():- Get the features image of post or pages.
  • home_url() :- Retrieve the home url.
  • get_post_meta() :- Get the custom field value by post id & custom field name.
  • add_menu_page():- Add the page to admin menu.
  • get_the_ID() :- Return the current item ID in loop.
  • dynamic_sidebar() :- Display dynamic sidebar.
  • wp_get_current_user() :- Retrieve the current user object.
  • do_shortcode() :- Used for add shortcode in theme page i.e template page.
  • get_template_directory_uri() :-┬áRetrieve theme directory URI.
  • wp_enqueue_script() :- add script file.
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